Product Range

Chicken Kebab-Chilled

Available in all flavours as 5lb or 10 lb vacuum bags

Chicken Kebab Ready Built — frozen

Available in all flavours as 10 lb, 20lb or 30lb

Doner Kebab-All lamb & mixed one size

10lb-50lb Ask for details

Other Chicken Products

Chopped Chicken–chilled 8x8=64 pcs per box
Chopped Chicken–frozen. 6x8=48pcs per box

Extended Frozen Food Range

Beef Burgers, Chicken Burgers, Chicken Nuggets, Sausages, Burger Buns, Pitta Bread, Sauces etc…on request.

Chicken Kebab Flavours





Delia (Mediterranean Light)

Sweet Mediterranean

Mimi's are the only manufacturer that pre-heat their spices.